Welcome to my web home. I am Arthur Foot III, Lord Loverduc. Poet, Aristocrat, Performer, Author, Artist, Bon Vivant and all round genius.


I won!

I'm very pleased to say I won the Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice for Best Steampunk Poet!


Once again, I have been nominated for a Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice award, as best poet. Please vote for me at the link below...


Yes, welcome to my abode here on the superinfoweb, or whatever it's called. This will be my home on this digital aetheric world, although obviously I don't live here, that would be madness. No, I live in my flat in London, or in one of my many stately piles in various picturesque parts of our fair isle. 
You should see my piles. Lovely. Some of them are quite huge. I sometimes invite friendly folk to have a poke around them.
So, what might you find here? 

Poetry, of course. I think it's fair to say that I am Britain's finest Steampunk poet. Such poems as 'Trousers' 'Oh! Those Naughty Tentacles' and 'Fingering About In Her Drawers' are now classics of their oeuvre. I have penned two books: Ribald For Your Pleasure and Ribald For Your Pleasure II: Poetic Boogaloo.

Artistry. I design and make jewellery - I invented the 'Conquest Medal' where one can advertise one's 'romantic' success with the gender of one's choice. In medal form. I design smut-related items for Gentlemen and Ladies, as well as classy, non-smutty artifacts. I sell these at the many events I attend, and also from my Etsy store, Arthur Foots Emporium. Where you can find several examples of...

Smuttery - I love smut. Filthy, filthy smut. So much that I have something that I have a 'Tumblr Blog' where I collate a great deal of smuttery.  Beware, it's not safe for work! Seriously, it isn't. 

Authory. As well as poetry, there are a series of chapbooks detailing my exploits. Exploits that have occurred alongside my performance partner, the fragrant and lovely Miss Tilly Maydme. Talking of which...

Performancry. I am one half of The Cogkneys, Britain's premier Steampunk/Music Hall/Comedy/Poetry duo. 

So! Have a little poke around. See if there's anything you like...